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Dunapark House

Budapest, Hungary
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The Dunapark House designed by Béla Hofstätter and Ferenc Domány in 1935 is a luxurious urban mansions. An outstanding sign of Hungarian Modernism.

It's a five-storey building, six on the corner. The three entrances have their unique staircases. It became famous for its spectacular stairways. The building contains generously sized flats on each floor and a café facing the street. A garden on the top-roof was designed with dressing rooms, showers, rockery having beautiful view on the Danube. Unfortunately the garden is not in use at present.

According to the original design a cinema was planned on the ground floor. Finally it wasn't realized. Instead, the café had more space to use. With a tricky technical solution the windows of the café could slide down in the basement level transforming it to an open-air terrace in the summertime.