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Madrid, Spain
1 of 17Archive Fernando Higueras Foundation, Photo by Miguel Palacios, Lola Botia

Architect's underground housing-studio located in Madrid is today a Foundation Fernando Higueras. The single space is 8 meters high, without partitions or windows, bounded by 4 concrete walls that join the 2 floors, illuminated by the 4 skylights of the large patio and the 5th of the small landing on the stairs. It enjoys a splendid natural overhead light and an ideal temperature almost constant between 20º and 25º. On the deck, 2 meters of land, plus five double skylights (of 2 x 2 x 5 = 20 m2), isolate of annoying temperatures, saving 65% of unnecessary energy.

Rascainfiernos was housing for over 30 years. It lacks windows that are not missing because in return there is a large area of ​​walls, without partitions, but with good natural light. Higueras said "This idea saved my life thirty years ago, when my friend Francisco Nieva, reading the tarot, saw me before 3 years underground, with a cypress on top, when I left 4 times in a row death. I insisted that I did not mean to say that I was going to die. Then I came up with this first map of the world (I then projected it to Zero Zone of New York), I planted a cypress, today 18 meters, and here I am: I live."