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Spatial Layers of AFO

Linz, Austria
1 of 3Sonja Jankov

Architekturforum Oberösterreich (AFO) is regional institution for architecture of Lower Austria, based in Linz. The building where it is placed used to be in past a coal warehouse, but more memorably, a public soup kitchen. The given installation represents these diverse histories in such manner that they overlap. The main goal is to present history of the public cultural building within its today’s function.

The basic level of the installation is selection of copies of Curt Kühne’s architectural drawings and plans of the building. They are over-written by various small figurines of animals which are here a metaphor of food once served in this building. Within the installation, these animals are rightful users of Architekturforum. They can visit exhibitions, watch film projections, use premises, go to depots with curators and archivists, participate in workshops, even have a smoking corner if it pleases them. This part of the installation can be interactive and used in workshops with pre-school and primary school children to learn about architectural drawings and spatial plans, as well as about parts and functions of museum. In this way the building and Architekturforum Oberösterreich became pet-friendly on all new level.