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Stadt Villa

© Logica:architettura
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© Logica:architettura

Architecture creates a consistent environment in which nothing is left to randomness. Everything must be the product of project awareness.

Architecture creates spaces that are at the same time: functional, comfortable, efficient, cosy – familiar but surprising. Never stupidly creative.

A good project is based on a clear idea of architecture that must be the guide line for all the conception.

No consistent clear ideas, no architecture.

Architecture is based on rules that come from the history of the discipline.

Architecture requires unity in its progress and clarity in its composition. It concerns the construction of an emotional habitat.

Architecture is about “void”. Architecture creates “high quality voids” dressed up in good materials and details.

In architecture everything must be chosen, nothing can be left to chance.

Architecture is an organism: nothing can be added, nothing can be removed. All elements are both needful and needed.

Project is a synonym for decision!