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Washington, USA
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Single Room Concept

The SurPLUShome is based on a single room concept. The interior design is characterized by a multi functional body as its central element. This body contains primary functions like the kitchen, stairs and the bath and defines the possible use of close-by space. Besides it takes over functions of furniture and the building services.


The structure of the surPLUShome is made of wood. It is easy to handle, has a low ecological footprint and allows lightweight construction. It constitutes the foundation for an ecologically sound building design. To increase the ecological quality, we use local types of wood like oak, spruce or white fir. Another goal of our design was a complete reversible construction.

One of the biggest problems for Team Germany is the buildings transportation. For fast assembly on the National Mall the building is designed modularized, divided vertically and horizontal into four building modules. To secure the building during the transport, we supported the wooden structure with reusable steal profiles.


The energetic concept of the surPLUShome combines a high level of comfort with intuitive building control, energy saving and energy producing systems and above all, aesthetic pleasure. The technical systems applied are integrated in a coherent design to reach a complete integration of all functions. Each system could work on its own and can be adopted for other buildings.


Our Lighting Design is based on the concept of a multi-functional space and aims to demonstrate the surplus of innovative building elements and technologies in housing. We defined modern performers as main target group, which like to live an intensive, multi-optional and flexible life. Both, day lighting and artificial lighting allow arranging specific light situations in many different ways. Thus the user takes part in the design of the house.

Due to different sections of the single room concept there are individual and space-wise light situations offered to the user. In order to accent the multi-functionality of the room, the lighting concept contains windows with two different shading systems and three artificial lighting types for functional, accentuation and atmospheric use.


During the intensive design and optimization process we achieved a façade-system which is in accordance to all different requirements of building façades. Besides the energy-gaining aspect and architectural claims, it also features constructive moisture protection and technical exhaust ventilation. Furthermore the façade offers a highly effective shading and lightning control system all in one.

Exterior Concept

The exterior deck design of the surPLUShome considers especially the exhibition use of the building. It´s design is characterized by elevation changes, which coincides with the interior design and creates a wide space for incoming visitors. In respect to accessibility we have designed the deck to be on even level with all window and door openings. The elevation changes are connected by both stairways and ramps which comply with the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) accessibility guidelines.

Market Viability

By developing the surPLUShome we always intended to design a high quality sustainable house, with enough space for two persons. Due to its single room concept it has got a high flexibility in use. Furthermore the cost reduction by integration of innovative technologies and design is a great aim to us.

surPLUShome sustainable living = design + ecology + economy

The surPLUShome is designed for the creative class whose lifestyle fits into the multifunctional functionality. Its features various adaptable technologies and is build with high quality materials.